Electronic Banking

The official electronic banking brochure

It’s So Safe!

Safeguarding your information is a priority of CNB! We adhere to strict confidentiality standards and state of the art security practices to make your electronic banking safe and secure! You can rest assured that Electronic Banking is a secure means of doing your banking… oh and also, it helps Mother Earth!

We Got Your Back!

We have a full-time staff member that can help you along the way with any questions you may have or assist you in getting started! Chad Hood has been with the bank for over 10 years and has been instrumental in ensuring our electronic banking is exactly what you need. Got questions, give Chad a call, stop by and see him or shoot him an email!

Chad Hood, Information Technology Officer
Direct Line: 270-692-5313
Cell Phone: 270-402-1612
Email Address: chadh@cnboflebanon.com

It’s So EASY!

Whether you’re a computer novice or an expert, our electronic banking will be a snap of the finger! And just in case you are still a little apprehensive, we have well versed professionals to lead you in the right direction.


Imagine this scenario. You’ve had such a busy work week. Oh, but thank goodness it’s the weekend and it’s payday! CNB wants to help you make it a stress free weekend! Let us help you have your pay check direct deposited! Then, you can use online banking to view your accounts, make transfers or pay bills. You want to balance your checkbook in your easy chair – no problem! Just pull up your electronic banking statement and help yourself! Kids want to make a trip to town later for an ice cream cone? No cash? Not a problem, stop by one of CNB’s ATM’s and it is off for your favorite flavor! All of this can be done 24/7 at your convenience leading to a nice peaceful and stress free weekend!

CNB’s Online Banking

We know you are busy! That’s why we have made banking that fits your schedule! From the comfort of your home, you can access monthly statements, pay bills, make transfers, order checks and lots more and the best news of all – it’s all for free! You can visit www.cnboflebanon.com to get started! No need to worry about safety either, as CNB has ensured the utmost protection of your information! So conduct your online banking with peace of mind!

  • View Account Balances
  • View Account Histories
  • View Check and Deposit Images
  • Make Transfers
  • Order Checks
  • View Statements
  • And Lots More

CNB's Mobile Banking

Everyone is on the go so now you can take us along with you on your smart phone! With CNB's Mobile Banking product GoDough you can view your balances, transaction history, pay bills, and transfer money. If you can text, then you can get your balances and recent transactions instantly regardless of your phone type or carrier. CNB uses the industry's highest security standards, including multifactor authentications. Call us today to get going!

CNB’s Online Bill-Pay

As a part of CNB’s Online Banking, you also have CNB’s Bill Pay capability. This feature of online banking deserves its own special recognition. Are you tired of sitting down each month and writing out checks to pay your bills? And, who likes going to the post office, purchasing stamps, and mailing all those aggravating bills. CNB makes the bill paying process so easy! No more envelopes! No more stamps! No more check writing. With CNB’s Bill Pay, you can pay all of your bills at once from your computer! You can schedule recurring payments, make payments on a daily basis, or whenever you’d like. It’s that easy and best of all – it’s free!

CNB’s Electronic Statements

Continuing with the going green theme, how can we not mention CNB’s Electronic Statements! Think about all of the trees we can save by not printing out statements on paper. CNB’s Electronic Statements makes it so easy to view your statements online. You can save them as a PDF file for future reference and all the while – you’re helping to save the environment. It’s a wonderful thing! Your accountant or tax preparer will thank you if you bring all of your statements on a CD or USB drive. In addition, if something happens to your files, we can put the whole year of statements on a CD or USB drive for only $10.

CNB’s Direct Deposit

One of the oldest forms of Green Banking is direct deposit. You just simply have your payroll, social security, retirement, etc. directly sent to your checking or savings account! You don’t have to worry about standing in line to make a deposit! It’s also the safest way to have your check deposited! Make it a reality!

CNB’s Debit Card

CNB’s debit card will ensure that you have access to your money 24/7 when you need it! CNB has many locations in Marion County. You can also obtain cash at ATM’s not owned by CNB for a small fee. Additionally, you can make purchases with your CNB debit card anywhere in the United States for merchants that accept MasterCard. There is no need to write a check any longer for your purchases! Apply for your CNB Debit Card. All fees and conditions of use are available to you upon formal application for the debit card.