Board of Directors

James R. Thomas Lloyd Bugg William P. Thompson James Avritt
Pat Mattingly Michelle Farmer James P. Reed William G. Fowler II

Other Information

I.CNB's Background
Citizens National Bank was formed March 9, 1889 when its shareholders purchased the National Bank of Lebanon and located its operations in a portion of the same building that our present bank occupies. Since its inception, the bank has attempted to serve the needs of all citizens in Lebanon and Marion County and to serve each and every customer in a manner in which the honesty and integrity of the bank's owners and employees could never be questioned or challenged.

In 1983, eight local businessmen, C. E. Brents, Charles R. Goodin, James L. Avritt, Wesley O. Daugherty, James R. Thomas, Orville Garrett, William P. Thompson and William L. Bugg formed Citizens National Bancorp and purchased the bank, which at that time had grown to approximately $ 35 million in assets. The decision by these eight members to purchase the stock was largely based on the desire for the bank to remain locally owned and operated. The group felt that there was a potential risk the bank could be bought out by a corporate bank which would take local decision making away from our community. Through local ownership more quality service could be provided and the bank could remain locally owned and operated by people the community knew and could trust. Mr. Brents passed away in 1986 and Mr. Garrett passed away in 2009 leaving six owners.

The bank has experienced steady growth over the years. It has continued to operate out of the original facility with significant additions being made. The most recent addition in 2000 and 2001 included a $1.2 million renovation and expansion that doubled the size of our previous structure.

II.CNB's Mission
Citizens National Bank is committed to being the best financial service organization in this community. Local ownership, local operation, and being actively involved in the community are paramount in achieving this objective.

We firmly believe in providing excellent bank products, quick and local decisions, customer service, and hometown friendliness that is second to none. This has been and will continue to be accomplished by maintaining highly dedicated and knowledgeable employees that as a group cannot and will not be challenged.

We are convinced that the end result will be a satisfied staff, satisfied owners, and most importantly satisfied customers.

III.The CEO's Vision Statement
The Vision for Citizens National Bank of Lebanon is to position the institution to earn the reputation as the best financial service organization in Lebanon and Marion County by all of our customers, shareholders, competitors, and regulators... while recognizing that Best will be defined differently by all. We will achieve this vision by providing customer service that is clearly superior to that provided by our competitors but clearly cognizant of the different needs of customers based on demographics. This bank will strive to maintain a balanced approach between "high touch" service and "high tech" service, as face-to-face contact is paramount. Technology will be used to maximize our customer's ability to conveniently use banking services, to efficiently support the customer contact, and to identify customer financial needs.

IV.CNB's Goals
A.External Goals
This bank is very proud of the reputation that has been built over the years. We believe firmly that we have the friendliest bank in town. Additionally, it is our every intention to have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in this community. We want our customers to be given first class service and we believe that is what we give now and will continue to provide in the future.

B.Internal Goals
Our goal has always been to establish an atmosphere that customers feel comfortable with banking with us. We believe that it is important for our customers to see our senior officers when they walk into our facility. We always want our staff to greet our customers when they walk through the doors and let them know that they are important to us. We want all of our staff to be knowledgeable and well versed in all banking products.