More than a Community!

First question you may be asking is what is a commodity and what does that have to do with checking accounts. Well, a commodity is something you must have and it is not really that different from one place to another. For example, we all need fuel for our vehicles and it is pretty much the same thing wherever you get it. Some people view checking accounts that same way. But, we can tell you there is a definite difference at CNB!

At CNB, you can have all the same features of a checking account that you would find anywhere, but what comes along with it is the exciting part. You get outstanding customer service when you’re opening your account. Want to ask the President of CNB a question, not a problem, his office is right beside the new accounts office… his door is wide open. Have a question about your account? Not a problem, the bookkeeping department is fully staffed and can’t wait to help you! Want to add exciting electronic features to your account, a full-time electronic banking specialist is waiting to assist you.

You see, checking accounts are a lot like commodities, but not at CNB. What separates us is what you get with it! Unbelievable friendliness! Unbelievable Service! Unbelievable? No, believe it!

Hometown Grown!

CNB has been a part of Marion County since 1889. No others have been around this long! In 1983, a local group of owners ensured that the bank would be around for many years to come! Likewise, our checking accounts are built to stay the test of time! Whatever your need, our checking accounts will work for you!

Our Checking Accounts!

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  • Full Time Students
  • Senior Citizens
  • Regular Checking Account
  • NOW & SNOW Account
  • Business Account
  • Business Direct Deposit Account

Added Benefits

CNB has one location which houses fast and efficient services for all of your banking needs. In addition to a fully stocked main lobby, the bank has a walk-up facility and three speedy drive-thru lanes for all of your needs. Additionally, the bank has multiple ATM locations around Lebanon for 24 hour service. Also, CNB has online banking at, electronic statements, debit/ ATM cards and overdraft protection accounts (subject to approval) and automatic overdraft sweep arrangements. Plus, information about your accounts is never farther than a phone call to our bookkeeping department, where they can assist with anything concerning your checking accounts!

New Accounts - New Deposit Account Opening

Stephanie Brockman

Stephanie is a life-long resident of Marion County and has been with CNB for over 18 years.

Contact Information
Direct Office Line: 270-692-5324
Email Address:

Head Bookkeeper

Anne Smith

Anne is a life-long resident of Marion County and has been with CNB for over 15 years.

Contact Information
Direct Office Line: 270-692-5318
Email Address: