Fees and Charges

Accounts / Fees and Charges

Early Account Closing Fee: $15.00
Stop Payment Charge: $30.00

Fax Charge

First three pages: $5.00
Two pages only: $3.50
One page only: $1.75
Additional pages after three: $0.50

Photo Copy

For customers: No Charge
Non-customers: $0.20 per copy

Telephone Transfers

Telephone transfers: $5.00 per transfer
(No charge if no mailed notice is required)
Wire Transfer (Incoming): $10.00 per item
Wire Transfer (Outgoing): $20.00 per item
Foreign Wire: $25-$45 range
ACH Return Item Charge: $3.75 per item
Overdraft/NSF Charge: $30.00 per item
Paid Check Charge: $30.00 per item

Overdraft Fees

Consecutive Overdraft Charge: $5.00 weekly if your account has been overdrawn for 7 days or more
Uncollected/Overdraft Funds Charge: 18% per annum


Cashier’s Check Charge: $3.00
Non-Customer Cashier’s/ Check Charge: $5.00
Certified Check Charge: $3.00
Legal Handling Fee: $25.00
Checking Dormant Charge: $5.00 per quarter
Coin Wrapping Charge: No Charge
Coin Wrapping Charge (Non-customers): $ 0.08 per roll

Check Cashing

Non-customers 1% of check amount
Sweep Charge: $5.00 per transaction

Research Services

$17.00 per hour for officer research + $ .50 per copy
$15.00 per hour for employee research + $ .50 per copy


ATM/Debit Card Replacement: $5.00
ATM/Debit Card Reinstatement: $10.00
Non-CNB ATM Usage: $1.00 per transaction